Shoreham by Sea – Lifeboat Station Visit


At long last we have been able to commence our trips to have a tour around the new lifeboat station at Shoreham by Sea. The invitation came from a previous Valerie Manor resident’s family who are involved heavily in the Station. The weather was set fair as we left the Manor and headed down to the Station, where we were greeted by Martin, who was to be our tour guide – and what an excellent guide he was! – We were taken onto the viewing level and saw the new lifeboat “RNLB Enid Collett” up close and fired questions at Martin which he answered easily. We were then taken down to the lower level and saw the underside of the boat, where Martin explained how the boat was launched. We then headed into the changing area where we saw the different kit and then finally onto see the ‘inshore boat’.

A huge thank you is due not only to Martin for his excellent tour, and Ton & Julie for the kind invitation, but also to everyone involved in providing such a valuable service, which is 100% funded by charitable donations.

I would thoroughly recommend a trip to take a look around the station, you are sure to learn something if you do!