Valerie Bluebell

As you may know, Britons Croft care home in Steyning is sadly closing down. I was visited last Thursday by one of our local district nurses who suggested that Valerie Manor would be a good home for their budgie who would become homeless if not housed. I was delighted by the offer and by Friday we had a new resident! By chance our monthly residents’ meeting was planned for Friday morning and to close the meeting we introduced our new budgie and I was delighted with the response – it has made the residents so happy. The Budgie did not have a name so we asked the residents for suggestions…. as discussions were being had one resident, Chris shouted out…. ’well you have to call it Valerie of course!’ This was agreed although everyone also liked the suggestion of Bluebell by Nancy…. therefore we have welcomed ‘Valerie Bluebell’ to Valerie Manor.

I was also delighted when I found out that Andrew, one of our care assistants used to have an Avery and he has agreed to co-ordinate all the care for Valerie Bluebell with the residents, it also generated a lot of conversation as several of our residents used to have budgies at home so it brought back a lot of memories for us all.

Thank you so much to the district nurses and staff at Britons Croft for thinking about us and bringing smiles to all of our residents.