A Very Spoilt Office Manager!

I had a lovely surprise this afternoon, when a resident’s relation asked me to come into the conservatory as they had something for me, I opened the gift bag in front of the residents and found a beautifully knitted bobble hat. I had previously joked that during the colder weather, because of my lack of hair I did notice the cold!

I must thank both Dree and Joy (pictured) for taking the trouble, and whilst they said it was just a joke – it was very much appreciated. The ladies also wrote a rhyme which they are happy for me to share with you!

Joy said to me, a hat you did need
So out came my needles with great speed!
This little hat I’ve made for you
It will stop your head from turning blue!
I hope to your face it will bring a smile,
Then all of my work will have been worthwhile
Joy’s done her best to write this rhyme
Forgive the poor soul – she’s nearly 89!