Care Home Skittles Challenge!

I was honoured this week as while our office manager Alan was on leave I was able to drive the Jalopy to attend a skittles tournament at another local care home. Nick Peniston-Bird, who visits us on a regular basis with his Skittles Alley, suggested the tournament as the residents of both homes have such a lovely time when he visits.

We were greeted at the other home by their activities co-ordinator and home administrator who made us feel extremely welcome. Along with our group of keen residents, we took three care staff along as well as our own activities co-ordinator (mum, Robin) and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, with three rounds of skittles per person followed by afternoon tea and cakes.

All the residents participating received a gold medal which I think the staff were extremely jealous of! We plan to have other events and return the gesture by inviting residents and staff to Valerie Manor to enjoy a tournament here as well.

Many thanks to Nick for such a great event, and to our skittles challenge care home for their kind hospitality.