New Land for Valerie Manor

I am very excited to announce that we have recently purchased the land adjacent to Valerie Manor. The land lies on our eastern side and comprises of approximately 1.4 acres of mainly grassland. Although we see it as a great asset for Valerie Manor, we have no immediate plans for the area other than to extend our existing car park to give us some much needed additional car parking space. We’ll keep you up to date with the progress on this but as it will require planning permission it may take a little while.

One immediate benefit of owning the land is that we have been able to cut the hedgerow which runs along the border between the new land and Valerie Manor, quite substantially, allowing our residents to once again enjoy a view of the Downs which had become shielded by the row of Conifers. Many thanks to our gardeners Rob & Ian for cutting it down so quickly this week.

As part of the purchase we have also inherited some doves! There are two dove cotes on the land and myself and one of our registered nurses, Bonnie, are quite excited about the prospect of looking after them! Bonnie is busy researching how to care for doves as she’ll be in charge of looking after them on a day to day basis. We’ll have more about this on our blog soon!