The BIG Four Ohhhh!

I thought I would take the opportunity to thank all my colleagues for making my 40th birthday so special.

I have over the years arranged a few surprises myself and would like to think I am aware of things ‘going on’. However following being presented with  a beautiful golf themed cake made by Chris – Zoe  asked me to go to Beeding Pharmacy to collect an urgent prescription. This wasn’t out of the ordinary so off I went, whilst I was out could I also pick up a paper for Zoe’s Mum and post a card for Emma?, all quite legitimate requests.

I first went to Beeding News to purchase the newspaper when Angie said “oh I have something for you” and gave me a present from the residents and staff as well as a balloon and card from Angie, Sue & Louise – Now, I am not usually lost for words but they failed me on this occasion. I eventually thanked Angie for everything and went on my way to the Pharmacy for the urgent prescription.

Our local Pharmacist Mike said he didn’t have anything for us, but thought their might be something for me in his office, he returned with another present from him and his colleagues – lost for words twice in one day – unheard of! – I thanked everyone and went to post Emma’s card – Tracey smiled at me as I entered, and I said “not you as well!” – “yup she said “Happy Birthday – you’ve been well and truly set up!”

On returning to Valerie Manor laden down with all my presents and balloons I could see faces peering out of the conservatory laughing at me!

I later found out the main ring leader was Emma who I must admit should be highly commended for the entire ‘covert’ operation.

Once a gain a huge thank you to all of the staff, residents and visitors who made my 40th a very memorable birthday!


  1. hello Alan, Zoe and staff at Valerie. The big four o well I never would of thought he he a belated happy birthday to you alan…..thanks for all the tea and biscuits over the years whilst servicing your fire alarms sorry never got to say goodbye so hear it is farewell im off back to Aus via doing some travel in Europe before getting back take care and thanks again for your hospitality