1st Henfield Girl Guides Remembrance Day Service

Once again this year the 1st Henfield Girl Guides provided a very special Remembrance Day Service for us at Valerie Manor.

Eight Guides provided a service which included the Hym’s Shine Jesus Shine, I’d like to build the World a Home, Father I place it in your Hands and some readings. We also observed a 2 minute silence together.

As you will see from the pictures the Guides not only provided a service for our residents but spent time with them afterwards talking to them about their memories of the War and also of their time spent in the Guides or Scouts.

We actually had one of our residents who was the Guide Leader of Henfield Guides several years ago and a gentleman who was a Cub Scout Leader. There were also lots of fond memories of the camping trips that our residents and staff used to go on.

I must say, it even brought back memories for me as I was a Girl Guide and my mum was a Guide leader which is how she first got the name ‘Robin’ as they named the leaders after birds at the time.

A huge thank you to the 1st Henfield Girl Guides for once again providing the residents with another Special Remembrance Day Service.