November 2012 Activities Summary

Rain rain go away come again another day ! I think that sums up November don’t you? At least our ladies and gentlemen are nice and warm and dry at Valerie Manor !

Lots of Activities on offer again last month for those who wish to participate. Our Mind Benders included World Vacation Spots, Matched Sets, Closure Phrases as well as a quiz for Thanksgiving Day about turkeys…yes that is what I said ! also a Scottish quiz on St Andrew’s Day.

Chris, the Chef, cooked a beautiful Roast Turkey dinner to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day as well as a Curry for those who wanted it for Curry Week.

Our residents love the Theme Days when we decorate the Dining Room and Conservatory. The hustle and bustle that goes on when we prepare for these events see our ladies and gentlemen sharing in ideas about what goes where and watching with delight as the different decorations go up. We usually do this the evening before so that everything is ready for when the Residents go into breakfast…it really puts a smile on their faces…something different to talk about and see.

Alan did his usual grand job at lighting the fireworks and a lovely ‘firework supper’ was presented by Chris. John and I had to tear ourselves away after having a nibble of what was on offer !

Target Toss, The Parachute Game and Velcro Darts were amongst the Physical Activities. We enjoyed our Exercise Session to Indian Music during Curry Week as well as having some Poppadoms with Mango Chutney and Cucumber and Mint Raita dips with our coffee.

Remembrance Day was enjoyed watching the service with a glass of sherry with staff making sure everyone had a Poppy to wear. The Steyning Girl Guides once again visited us and gave a lovely Remembrance Service which was really enjoyable. We thank the girls and their Leaders for giving up their time to visit Valerie Manor.

Crochet and card making were requested which were on offer in November.

We had a Reminiscence Session about favourite sweets. The discussion went as follows….One lady had 1p every Saturday to spend and would buy less than an ounce of her favourite Jew Jews. One gentleman was allowed to walk to the sweet shop on his own and enjoyed Sherbet Dips. Jelly Babies were a firm favourite and the heads were bitten off first ! Gobstoppers, Aniseed Balls Humbugs and Liquorice Sticks were also favourites.

The countdown is on to Christmas now……can’t believe it. Lots coming up for everyone ! I am sure I will see some of you at our various events if not a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you all.

See you in the New Year !