Valerie Manor Snow!

I hope everyone has managed to keep warm over the past week – I know it has been disruptive but the residents have enjoyed looking out of the window seeing the beautiful scenery that we have around Valerie Manor whilst remaining nice and warm and safe of course!

I have to say how very proud I am of all the staff, everyone went out of their way to come to work and those who lived locally offered to step in for those who lived a distance away. One member of the night team even slept at Valerie Manor during the day so they were able to work the following night to ensure the residents were looked after and we were not short staffed.

Alan was, as always the knight in shining armour! He stayed late on Friday to take staff home as he has a four by four and was on call all over the weekend to pick staff up or take them home if they did not feel confident to drive. Thank you to all our staff that once again showed dedication and commitment to the residents here at Valerie Manor – very proud of them all!