January 2013 Activities Summary

Hello….and whoosh it was gone !!
January I mean….where did the month go ?
One minute we were putting away Christmas Decorations and the next we are thinking about Valentine’s Day !

January saw us busy as usual with lots on offer for those who wanted to join in. Our lovely Reflexologist, Caroline, paid us our twice a month visits. B-Balanced and Skittles were also on the Programme. I have my regular little group for my Monday morning Exercise from your Chair Sessions where we have a slow stretch warm-up followed by a sing-a-long with more up tempo music ending with our Reminiscence Session.

We celebrated Elvis Presley’s Birthday with decorations, music and a themed meal and watched his tour of ‘Gracelands’ Video. There was an Australian Day Quiz as well as The Name Game, The Alphabet Game and Crosswords and Word Search.

More physical exercise gave us Indoor Boules, Giant Snakes and Ladders and The Parachute Game.

The Highlight of the month must have been our get together for the 5 year celebrations of Zoe owning Valerie Manor. Again we welcomed relatives whose Mother, Father, and other family members are either with us now or have sadly passed. This proves what a lovely ‘family’ we have at our lovely home when relatives come back to see us even though they have nobody to visit personally but have a chat with Staff and Residents. Very well done to Zoe and her staff for bringing Valerie Manor to such a lovely place to stay and visit.

After listening and exercising to Abba….a request !….we really enjoyed one Reminiscence Session…..’What were you doing when you were sweet 17 ?…..was our subject. One lady was still at school taking examinations, another was on Fire Watch during the war sitting on a factory roof with a tin helmet an stirrup pump, another was studying Biology whilst Commerce and Greig Shorthand was also on the list. One lady was learning to drive in a Clyno open top car !! The gentlemen’s memories were of Gardening for a job, attending a Private School in South Africa and waiting for the National Registration Number and trying on Gas Masks ! We finished laughing when one lovely lady told us that she was having a good time with her four elder sisters and really let her hair down much to her mothers dismay ! The staff join in with these discussions which is great as we all get to know more about each other. A younger member of staff being still at college and another getting married and buying her wedding dress for £27.00. I paid £5.00 for mine ….less staff discount !!

See you next month