February 2013 Activities Summary

Hello again,

I hope you are all keeping warm….the sun actually shone a couple of Mondays ago….so much so we had the Conservatory windows open! ‘It is only February’ everyone keeps saying so I suppose we must not grumble too much.

We have enjoyed visits from various sources this month including Reflexology, B.Balanced, John Paul Miller and the Clever Cavaliers…a real variety for those wishing to be a part of the Activity Programme.

Giant Snakes and Ladders, Throwing Rings and Tin Can Alley helped with our co-ordination and movement.

The ‘Mind Benders’ included Matched Sets, A film Quiz, Occupations and The Apple Quiz.

We enjoyed music from the 70’s as requested as well as Memories of the 1940’s. On Valentine’s Day we enjoyed listening to some Love Songs remembering our favourites from years gone by.

One Activity which is very popular and we have on a regular basis is decorating fairy cakes……it is nice to make a mess and let someone else clear up !

Fresh flower arranging with Joyce continues to be on the programme and is enjoyed by many, some choosing to join in whereas others simply enjoy watching as the creations take shape.

We celebrated Chinese New Year of the Snake with some Fortune Cookies and a lovely meal cooked by Chris.

On the evening before Valentines Day and the Chinese New Year meal I arrived at Valerie Manor armed with scissors, Blue Tac, Sticky Tape and thread……We like to decorate the Themed Days the night before so that everything is ready for when our ladies and gentlemen go to breakfast….. As soon as I walked in the door and started sorting the decorations one lovely Carer offered to help. This is what makes Valerie Manor so special as everyone is very willing to go that extra mile to make it such a lovely place to be….I was doubly lucky as the Carer was much taller than me so I did not need a ladder!! The Conservatory was covered in Love Hearts and the Dining Room Chinese Dragons and hanging decorations.

Another lovely addition to the Programme was suggested by Gemma. When she is around when we have our Reminiscence Sessions she always joins in and comes up with some lovely Local Knowledge. She works every Sunday and has offered to run a regular session each week. She is a very enthusiastic young lady and everyone really benefits from her lively sessions. Thank you Gemma.

One of my Reminiscence Sessions involved pets. We had memories of a cat called Tony, a very large black cat, a Manx cat that was a real hunter, dogs called Penny and Bobby, a white Poodle called Dandy who used to be washed in the back garden when it got muddy…Dandy was 19 years old ! Another lady remembers a young budgie that had difficulty feeding and was fed with milk on a paint brush and we must not forget the tortoise, Timmy, who liked rice pudding !

Busy March is upon us !