April 2013 Activities Summary


Believe it or not as I am writing this the sun is shining on the fields and the lambs are doing what they should…springing around !!

What a treat to feel the sun again. I know that several of our ladies and gentlemen have taken advantage and have started being taken for a promenade around the garden. It is great that the staff fit this into their busy schedule.

We continue with our Monday morning exercises followed by a bit of a sing-song and a Reminiscence Session. One week we discussed where and when we were born. 1917/1921/1918/1926/1920/1925/1922 and 1914 were among the years mentioned. One lady was born in a village Hospital in Bacup near Rochdale, other places remembered were… Southgate in London… being born at home in Piddinghoe, Liverpool and Walworth. Another gentleman was born in Muswell
Hill and another in Durban South Africa. A lady remembered being born at Craig End Cottages in Edinburgh in 1925. Do any of these dates and places ring a bell with relatives ?

We enjoyed a lovely morning of Rhyming Slang where the staff joined in. It is amazing how, even if you do not know the slang, that people were working it out…..’up the apples and pears to wash your boat race with a Cape of Good Hope and have a drink of Fisherman’s Daughter when you clean your Hampstead Heath’….Hope you got all of that !

Gemma runs two very Successful sessions on Sundays and Thursdays where she shares her knowledge on various subjects. This last week one theme was Castles….a very popular activity.

We had a couple of Theme Days. The Queen’s Birthday of course where there were decorations and scones jam and cream. There was a DVD shown on the Queen’s Life. We must not forget St.George’s Day which we find is getting more popular. There were decorations and a Quiz.

Play Your Cards Right, Tin Can Alley and Giant Snakes and Ladders were on offer for those who wished to join in.

Enjoy the better weather.

See you next month