Car Park and Landscaping Phase 1

I am delighted to say that the bank have finally given us the go ahead for our new car park and landscaping at Valerie Manor. I am very excited to tell you that the work will commence on the 20th May and last approximately six weeks. The first two weeks will be spent completing the car park and the final four will be for the phase 1 landscaping.

During this time the workers access will be through the land next door to try to minimise the disruption. We will be losing two parking spaces for a short period on the existing car park – but I am sure you will agree it will be worth it in the end!

Phase 1 of the landscaping will give us our new pathway with seating areas, a rockery, and the groundwork prepared for planting. The trees, boules area and pergola will follow as and when resources and funding permit.

We discussed the plans at our last residents meeting and everyone is very excited with lots of ideas of flowers and shrubs to plant when the work has been completed. We have also had several kind donations for trees and relatives asking if they can plant a tree for their relative who are either currently at Valerie Manor or who used to be with us at Valerie Manor.

You can view the plans here.