Nurses Day 2013!

I wanted to celebrate along with the Royal College of Nursing (RNC) ‘The remarkable difference nursing makes. From the moment a new life begins, to saying goodbye to a loved one, and all the stages in between’

When I saw that Nurses Day was fast approaching we wanted to do just a little something to recognise the hard work of not only the registered nurses but the care staff as well who work tirelessly to make our residents not only safe and healthy but happy as well. I think everyone would agree that the nurses that we have at Valerie Manor do a very special job each and every day.

Now, we could not of course forget the fact that we have some residents who have cared for people all of their lives, Chris was a nurse in a London hospital (I am always reminded of this when we talk about our nursing days, me in Eastbourne and Chris in London!), Joan was a children’s nurse and Sheila was a midwife. You can often see the nurse in them each day!

Not forgetting two relatives who were nurses either! Alison arranged for badges and stickers to be delivered and Alan and I set to work tying ribbons around 50 bars of chocolates along with their badges and stickers which have been proudly worn ever since by the staff. We couldn’t leave out our non nursing staff so they all got a bar of chocolate with a ribbon! I have noticed that some are also wearing a nurse’s badge to celebrate the special work that our nurses do.

Thank you to the wonderful nurses not only at Valerie Manor but in the local community who make such a difference to the lives of our residents.