Day Care at Valerie Manor

Many of you may know that we have been planning Day Care at Valerie Manor for some time now. It is something that the local community has been asking for and also something that some of our residents and their families were keen for us to start up.

Since we have had the conservatory built the old lounge which has now turned into a library is hardly ever used so we thought that day care would put it to good use. It was felt that starting day care at Valerie Manor would not only enhance the lives of some of our local community but also the lives of residents at Valerie Manor as there would be more social interaction and variety during the week. We are keeping the day care number very small with a maximum of 4 guests per day and have a wonderful dedicated carer to run the new facility – Holly.

We have now been running the facility for 4 weeks and our day care guests have integrated well with our permanent residents, while the residents have enjoyed having Holly to co-ordinate activities and discussions together – it has also made the meals a different and enjoyable social occasion for everyone.

The day care is tailored to individual needs and so far we have enjoyed listening to classical music and had some pamper days along with enjoying the sunshine of course in the gardens.

Thank you to Holly who is fantastic at coordinating the day.

If you would like more information on Day Care at Valerie Manor then please do not hesitate to contact us.