May 2013 Activities Summary

Flaming June is here! I must say that although we have had lots of rain the sun has been showing her lovely face on and off throughout May.

Skittles, B.Balanced, Exercise from your chair, Score a Goal, Tin Can Alley and Hoopla were a few of the Activities on offer this month. Opposites and Requests, Analogies and Matched Sets and Affinities gave us something to think about.

The grounds are looking spectacular with more car parking and lovely paths nearly ready for everyone to enjoy more of their surroundings. We might even be able to Maypole Dance again with a flat surface!!

One Reminiscence Session was ‘What were you doing in the war?’ One gentleman was called up for Service in 1941 and worked in the Army Signals Department, another flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Air Force, Greece, Italy and Turkey was the destination for 8 years in the Forces for another. With the ladies one remembers having her sister being a Land Army Girl, another was teaching and evacuated 60 Nursery School children from Deptford to near Tonbridge in Kent, working in the Civil Service as a Secretary was one recollection and working a Post Office Switchboard was another.

With two Bank Holidays and our Let’s Dance show I am afraid I have been absent for a few weeks. The show was a great success raising £2045 for The Royal Alexandra Children’s Diabetes Endowment Fund. It was Sally-Ann’s first big show with the school and we as a family are very proud. As with Valerie Manor a true family experience with our son organising the Sound, John the official DVD… which will be shown soon at Valerie Manor… as busy as they are Zoe and Rob organised the after show party for about 40 backstage crew helped by our daughter-in-law to be!! Sally-Ann’s husband was busy looking after Reuben over the show period.

For those of you who do not know Sally-Ann and Mike are expecting a new addition in October… a little brother or sister for Reuben. Many of our ladies and gentlemen remember our bringing Reuben along to visit everyone soon after he was born… 3 years ago! When he was older he would roll around the floor on his play mat much to the delight of everyone who love seeing young visitors.

Happy June!