Welcome Neil

I am very pleased to welcome Neil to our team, as a Registered Nurse.

As usual I have asked him to write a bit about himself…

“Hi my name is Neil Forrest and I’m a registered nurse. I came to nursing late in life after losing my mum to cancer, consequently my passion in nursing is elderly care with an emphasis on palliative and end of life care. This is where I intend to specialise in the future.

Outside of work I am married to Kate and we have 2 children, Flo who is 7 and Teddy who is 15 months, we also have a black Labrador called Tilly who is 10 years old.

My interests are family, friends, sport, holidays, keeping fit and generally enjoying life.

I tend not to take life and particularly myself, too seriously and aim to keep a balanced perspective on most things in general !!! – Having recently joined the nursing bank at Valerie Manor, I feel privileged to have joined such a lovely home with an amazingly supportive set of colleagues and am thoroughly enjoying working there !!!”