June 2013 Activities Summary

Wow …. it mostly has been ‘Flaming June’ … at last !

Gemma is still giving her lovely talks twice a week a firm favourite with everyone leading to some interesting discussions and knowledge being shared.

Song Scramble, Favourites, Similes and Do You Know your Flags were enjoyed. We had a lovely laugh exercising with Pom Poms.

B.Balanced and Reflexology as well as a visit from John Paul Miller were part of the June Programme. Many ladies and gentlemen thoroughly enjoyed watching The Trooping of the Colour. Brian’s Recital went down very well on a lovely Sunday morning… see the article and photo.

As Wimbledon started it prompted a conversation regarding sport at an earlier age. One lady went to Wimbledon remembering wearing pretty frocks and eating strawberries and cream, another remembered returning back from teaching in Sweden and spent very little time queuing to get a ticket for two shillings and sixpence…she took a loaf of bread into the seating area to eat and remembered dropping it and it falling down the steps !! the player she watched was Anthea Gibbs it was 1946/7.

Games people enjoyed at school were…Tennis, Hockey…(not mixed as the boys were very rough!), Rounders, Discuss and Shot Put. A firm favourite with the ladies was Netball. Gymnastics was enjoyed as well as one lady teaching it. She particularly liked walking the Beam.

John and I are off to Cyprus with Sally-Ann, Mike and little Reuben soon…not forgetting the ‘bump’. We are really looking forward to it as we have never been there before. We have been told it is really quite beautiful.

See you all soon.