July 2013 Activities Summary

I cannot believe that the sun is still shining ! I know we all have a bit of a moan saying it is too hot but soon we will be moaning about it being too cold or wet……we are British !

Zoe and her staff have been doing their utmost to ensure our ladies and gentlemen are kept as comfortable as possible in the heat…ice lollies, ice creams and lots to drink. The other evening I had just settled down to a glass of wine to a phone call from Zoe asking if I had any lolly moulds as they needed to make sugar free lollies for some of the residents…I had thrown mine away when we moved but as ever one of the nurses came up trumps and brought some in (the shops were closed).

Lots of Activities have been on offer but because of the heat I think most of our ladies and gentlemen opted out enjoying sitting outside in the shade having a chat and watching the world go by…even feet in the paddling pool !

I enjoyed a lovely day with lots of company in the Library. A very cool room that even the Budgies, Emerald and Bluebell have been moved in there to keep cool ! Every Summer I like to have a good old sort out behind the bar area. All the Activity Boxes are stored there labelled as to what is where either for Physical Activities or Theme Days. I emptied every box and was in such a mess but the Residents loved it as we were chatting all the time and they were giving me ideas of what to put where. I loved their company and they loved being a part of the whole process. As ever we found things I forgot we had ! They gave out a cheer when I had finished which was great.

We had a visit from two young people on Work Experience from Steyning High School. On the Monday I went along for my usual Exercise Session. The Students joined in which was lovely and they encouraged everyone as well. After the session we started chatting about holidays. The Lake District was a favourite where the Boarding House was run by a Mrs Pepper, Cornwall, Walton on the Naze, New Brighton, and a Hotel in Sidmouth which was run by a Mr Fisher were some of the memories. One of the Students loved Malham Tarn Near Yorkshire another likes Swanage.

On the same day we were awaiting news of the birth of the Little Prince or Princess……most of the Residents thought it was going to be a boy and they were right. Another call from Zoe as Katherine went into hospital……Can dad please come and put up the Flag Pole ready for the news and can you please bring the Union Flag mum….panic panic….the Flag Pole was ready and waiting outside of Zoe’s Office but the flag…where is the flag ! Could not remember if it was in one of my magic boxes behind the bar or in our lovely Roxwell where things are still in boxes since the move. I remembered the flag being used during the Olympics and the Jubilee. After a very short search not one but 2 were found. I had one and I had one in the Jubilee Box…whooppee. I googled the correct way up the Union Flag should go (it’s to do with the stripes you know) it’s a long time since I was Guiding and did not dare get it wrong ! The lovely Robert, a keen Scout, came to the rescue and prepared the flag ready for hoisting when the little one was born.

The ladies and gentlemen raised a glass to George Alexander Louis ! …so did I with a tear in my eye!

Hope to see you at the Opening of our wonderful gardens…let’s hope the weather is kind.