Valerie Manor Boot Camp!

We have been extremely lucky to receive a Workplace Health Small Grant via the Active Sussex Workplace Health Programme which has enabled us to organise a boot camp for staff to encourage them to get fit and healthy. This week we started the 8 week boot camp and I think although there are a few aching bodies today we thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Personal trainer Jon (pictured) from DSPT started the sessions and we will also be meeting head trainer Dom for a later session – they are providing 8 one hour sessions of boot camp along with a session on nutritional advice. Not forgetting the staff who have chosen not to take part everyone will, as part of the package be receiving a pedometer as well to see how far they walk around Valerie Manor each shift – I am sure there will be some competition there!

The session was not only enjoyed by the staff but by residents too who sat outside and watched the session and ate choc ices – we all got a round of applause at the end for our efforts!

Here’s what one resident had to say; “At Valerie Manor, every penny of the grant was well spent by 10 members of staff who sweated their way through a strenuous first session to their evident enjoyment”.