September 2013 Activities Summary

Whatever happened to September ?

All of a sudden Christmas decorations are appearing !

Gemma has continued giving her lovely talks on various subjects on Sunday mornings.

We were lucky enough to see some of the wonderful aeroplanes which were performing at the Shoreham Air Show flying over Valerie Manor. Residents had some good and some not so good memories….’the noise made me feel very sad ‘ …one lovely lady said.

We are still Exercising and Reminiscing on a Monday morning. The lovely thing is that when our ladies and gentlemen have visitors most join in which is great ! Our lovely Nick brought us Skittles and we enjoyed B.Balanced. Amongst the regular outings was one to St. Peter’s Church.

Mind Benders included The Apple Quiz, Which Year Were You Born and Do You Know Your Flags ?

We started talking about Friday 13th and superstitions…these are some of the good luck and not such good luck things that were remembered. Touch wood, Shoes on the table, Walking under ladders, Singing at the table, Lucky black cats, Chimney sweeps, Crossed knives, Walking on cracked pavements and Rabbits foot….letting the old year out and the New Year in by opening the front and back door….I remember my parents and grand parents doing that when I was young and living in Mitcham…..I think we are too mean to let the heat out nowadays !

Enjoy the beautiful leaves changing colour and see you in October.