October 2013 Activities Summary

Along with the rain and wind this month we also enjoyed some lovely sunny days and more rainbows than I have seen in a long time !

The outings with Clive are proving very popular. It is so nice to get back into a regular routine in the old ‘Jalopy’ !

National Curry Week was a great success with Chris’s beautiful Curry which was thoroughly enjoyed by those who chose to have it…..our Themed Food Days prove very popular and we are very lucky to have Chris who is always on hand with that something a little bit special for those who wish to sample his wonderful dishes.

We enjoyed the lovely John Paul Miller and likewise Rudi with his Piano Recital. The Piano Recital took place in the Library…where our piano is…a few of the ladies and gentlemen had not ventured into our lovely library and were delighted to see what a beautiful room it is. If you have not visited the room please do so…this used to be the main lounge before the extension was built.

We celebrated John Lennon’s Birthday with a Beatles Quiz and Al Jolson’s departure with a CD of his Music. Triad’s, Prepositions and the Name Game were on offer as well as B. Balanced and Reflexology. Spooky Decorations and yummy treats for Halloween were enjoyed.

Having our ‘Storm Warning’ started us thinking and remembering where we were in the great storm of 1987. One lady was living in Steyning and lost some tiles from the roof but remembers being a member of The Hassocks Rambling Association and setting off for a meeting at Adastra Hall in Hassocks and getting as far as Hurstpierpoint and having to turn back because of fallen trees. Another memory was lying in bed and hearing the tremendous noise of the wind and the damage it was causing. A corrugated roof was blown off of a chicken coop and 7 chickens escaped leaving 2 who dutifully carried on laying eggs for another lady who lived in Aldershot.

A treasured Walnut Tree was also lost and another memory was of roofs being lifted off on bungalows two roads back from Littlehampton seafront. A gentleman working at The Bank of England remembers the Stock Exchange closing on the Thursday night and Wall Street collapsing on the Monday…it was called Black Monday as shares plummeted !

As usual visitors and staff join in with these discussions…..visiting with her son a granddaughter of one of our ladies remembered climbing over trees and electric cables to get to work at the National Westminster Bank in Haywards Heath. The worst memory of all was from a staff member who was working at Southlands Hospital on a night shift on the top floor….the end windows of the ward were blown in and patients had to be evacuated. Many car windscreens in the car park were broken by debris and petrol stations had their roofs blown off !

John and I lost a huge conifer from our front garden and were without electricity for 3 weeks !…everybody rallied round in our road clearing it and a friend and I cooked on a camping gaz burner supplying beefburgers and hot soup…we ate by a roaring log fire with candles…I think Damon and Zoe really enjoyed the experience playing old taped music on our battery operated machine !…its lovely to have memories albeit good or bad !

I am sure you would like to join me in wishing Zoe and her staff Good Luck in the forthcoming Awards in Brighton.

See you in November