Valerie Manor Boot Camp and Nutrition Talk

You may have read earlier posts about our Boot Camp at Valerie Manor.

Staff have been being put through their paces by fitness instructor Jon over the last few months. He has shown us how to focus more on exercising for a set amount of time as everyone has different levels of fitness, as opposed to asking everyone to do 10 push ups for example. Whilst the sessions were tough I think those that have been able to make them are reaping the rewards!

The final session was led by Dom Shepheard, head trainer at DSPT, which was a nutritional session which several members of staff attended. This was extremely popular and all said that they had learned a lot and have asked Dom for some handouts to support his session.

Thank you once again to the Active Sussex Workplace Health Programme who awarded us the small Health Grant and to Dom and Jon from DSPT for making these sessions so very enjoyable for us.