December 2013 Activities Summary

Happy New Year to everyone !

Busy… busy… busy…was the order of the month of December.
So much going on. Valerie Manor was like a whirlwind !

Starting with dear Marmalade and her family and friends decorating our home. I think it looked great with a more ‘traditional’ feel as chosen by the residents.

The Towers Convent School visited with some beautiful singing and instrument playing, The Partridge Green Brownies also entertained with a wonderful Carol concert, Reverend Challis gave a lovely Service, Let’s Dance Adults and Children entertained and Zoe and her staff held a lovely Family Mulled Wine and Mince Pie afternoon just before Christmas….sorry I could not attend….had the dreaded ‘lurgy ‘ !

Father Christmas was on hand on the 25th dishing out gifts from under the tree…a treat for everyone especially the visiting children…Well done Santa but have you lost weight ?
Chris and Martin were busy in the kitchen preparing a wonderful Christmas Lunch which Zoe and Alan helped serve.

Again a big thank you on the Residents and families behalf to Zoe and her staff for making Christmas so very special for everyone.

Back to business…on the thoughts of Christmas we had a Reminiscence discussion on favourite Gifts from years gone by. Among gifts remembered were…A lovely book full of Activities, a red fire engine, a disappointed gift of a train set when the person wanted Scalextric, a pool table was another favourite as well as bricks which locked together to make words. One lady remembers a doll with real hair another a cardboard box treasure chest. At the age of 5/6 one lady had a nurse’s costume another had to share a toy box and fought with her sister over the contents ! A toy kitchen was mentioned as was a Tom and Jerry Night Case (I think this was one of the staff !)

Here is to 2014 !