Farewell to the Valerie Manor Leylandii

We have all been affected differently with the weather and we still consider ourselves to be very lucky here at Valerie Manor that the rain and wind hasn’t had too much of an impact here on the staff and residents. I did however go into panic mode on Saturday morning when I found our large Leylandii leaning over after the wind. Luckily it was leaning away from the building and after I got over my panic I went into trying to source a tree specialist for advice.

With the support of my family at the end of the phone and of course the wonderful Alan who jumped in his car to help me in clearing away garden furniture etc and making the area safe we were soon back in control of the situation. Stephen Duance from South Coast Tree Care came across to Valerie Manor extremely quickly and put a plan in place to make the tree safe and to return the next week to sadly remove the tree completely. I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the company at what could have been a difficult time.

We are still getting used to the area without the large tree but the residents have said that it opens the grounds up and allows them to see the beautiful South Downs more.