Good Luck Linda and Alan!

We would all like to wish Linda and Alan the best of luck for the upcoming Brighton Marathon on Sunday 6th April. We are all very proud of them here at Valerie Manor for what they are doing for such a great cause.

Recently Linda was training and ran past me along the river in Shoreham with her husband on his bike to support her – how lovely! I felt that Alan needed the same support so arranged to do his last long run with him with me riding alongside on my bike – the residents decided I did not require a loud speaker and I’m not too sure if I was a help or hindrance but I think we enjoyed it!

Lets hope for perfect running conditions for everyone on Sunday and some dry weather for the spectators – of course we will be there supporting them both throughout the run and congratulating them at the end!

There is still time to make a donation and support us all in raising money for St Barnabas House.

Thank you as ever for your continued support.
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