April/May 2014 Activities Summary

As you know Zoe and her Robin have been away and John and I were away so the April Blog ‘slipped through the net!’

So here we go !

April saw a very busy month as usual with a late Easter. We also celebrated the Queen’s Birthday and St. George’s Day with lots of bunting and a Quiz. Clive and Carers went on several outings with some ladies and gentlemen.

The monthly Residents meeting continue with a glass of sherry ! These meetings are really successful with most residents attending with great ideas of what they wish for in their home…within a wink of an eye these wishes are granted.

In May Cinco de Mayo was celebrated by Mexican Music and decorations. Lovely Joyce organised Flower Arranging…a firm favourite. We had a visit from Nick with his Skittles Game. The 69th Anniversary of VE Day was enjoyed along with more decorations and wonderful Memorabilia from the war years. Valerie Manor was decorated once again for John Wayne’s birthday and Residents enjoyed watching one of his films. We have been exercising to some beautiful music on Monday mornings…it is lovely when visitors join in !

Because of the VE Day celebrations we had a ‘Wartime’ chat. One lady was in the Navy as a Radar Mechanic then was handed a bugle and self taught herself to play. She was the only lady who would ride on a horse whilst playing….she said she had to talk to the horse to warn that the noise was coming ! Another lady was Red Cross trained and did Active Service for the Army , We have Fleet Air Arm Pilot in our midst who flew Vampire Jets and later went on to fly basic Civilian Aircraft from Penzance to the Scilly’s. We also have an ex Navy Chef.

We also talked about favourite toys as a child. A two storey Dolls House which was a gift from a friend and was cleaned every Saturday was a firm favourite. Gifts given away with cereals were also remembered. An orange Bear with bright blue eyes…one family was large so they had to share their teddies…a stuffed horse whose ears fell off..that was really a donkey…was another memory. One lady had a dog called Jack that used to be dressed up with a hole in the costume for it’s tail ! One gentleman kept snails underneath his window seal and when he went on holiday to London his father sent him a letter telling him that his snails were ok !

That is all for now.

Look out for that sunshine…I think it has gone on holiday !