June 2014 Activities Summary

My have we been lucky with the weather!

Many of our lovely ladies and gentlemen have been spending lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine, chatting, reading, playing outdoor games, enjoying the beautiful view and sometimes meals if they so wish. It is lovely when I visit to see happy smiling faces and waving hands as I come down the steps ! As ever the lovely staff making sure everyone is well watered, donning hats and sun cream….even supplying sun cream for me and my grandsons !

Our Exercise Sessions continue on Mondays followed by a sing-a-long with music requested by the residents and usually a Reminiscence Session. I have suggested I come twice a week in the Summer Holidays if our lovely ladies and gentlemen would like me to.

One week Sally-Ann and her lovely family moved house on a Monday…..John and I looked after little Eddie for the day…..Reuben was at Play Group…..my Sessions start at 11.30 and Eddie has lunch at…you guessed it….11.30 !! I mentioned this to Zoe and thought it would be a good idea to bring Eddie up and give him lunch there. It meant I still saw everybody although could not run the Session and little Eddie was the star attraction putting even bigger smiles on everyone’s faces. He thoroughly enjoyed the attention from all his Valerie Manor ‘Aunties and Uncles’ sitting outside with them in his 42 year old Silver Cross Pram having his lunch !

June gave us D-DAY which had decorations and 2 DVD’s which were brought back from Normandy when John and I visited a few years ago. The Trooping of the Colour was another favourite not to forget the start of Wimbledon.

We had a discussion about families prompted by Father’s Day. One lady lost her father in the war when she was one year old so never got to know him…very sad…although she had 8 cousins who she was very close to. Other residents remember brothers and sisters….David, Betty, Leonard, Sidney, Margaret,May and Maurice. In the 1st World War one resident had a father and 8 brothers overseas. The mother wrote to the War Office and her father was taken out of the trenches and given a Home Posting….6 of the brothers survived.

Another week we discussed favourite music….Vera Lynn, Military Music, Bing Crosby, Pavarotti, Will Young, Cliff Richards and Charlie Kunz…..a 1930’s pianist….. were among remembered artists. The following week we enjoyed singing along to some Bing Crosby songs.

That’s all folks ! Enjoy the sunshine.