Staff enjoy an Indian Head Massage!

We felt that staff needed a little bit of treating recently as they have been working so hard in this hot weather to look after our residents and needed a little relaxation and pampering themselves! We were very lucky to have Gail and Debby come to spend the morning with us here at Valerie Manor and managed to treat 15 members of staff to an Indian Head Massage. I am sure you can imagine that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it although some were not too pleased to have to go back on shift after their treatment!

Debby is the Proprietor and therapist at the Bloomsbury Clinic and Studios in Steyning and Gail has recently joined the team and specialises in Indian Head Massages.

I think the staff will be asking for another session again soon! Thank you to Debby and Gail for a special morning for some of our staff here at Valerie Manor.