August Activities Summary 2014

Do you get that feeling that Autumn is just around the corner or is it just me?

Having said that we have enjoyed some lovely sunshine amongst the showers and downpours.

We were so very lucky for the ‘Cream Tea’ afternoon…..all the staff as ever working so very hard to make sure everybody were well watered, fed and kept in the shade ! Lots of lovely visitors attending which was so nice to see. With Zoe at the helm everybody beavered away making sure the afternoon was a success….and for those of you who attended I am sure you would agree.

The catering was fantastic with Martin heading the team. I cannot count how many times the Hospitality Staff carried supplies up and down the grounds…at least everyone will be fitter !

Sally-Ann and I would like to thank our Maypole and Line Dancers who gave up their Sunday afternoon to entertain…the bonus being ice creams and scones not to forget the Pimms !!

Please see the separate article regarding the event. A huge THANK YOU to Zoe and her team for organising the whole thing…even some aeroplanes to boot ! (or was that something to do with a local Air Show ?)

August was quite busy as usual. We had Decorations and Memorabilia as well as songs from the time of the start of WW1. John found a copy of his Great Grandfather’s Diary. We shared some of the entries on our Reminiscence morning. Very interesting….he had a wife and five daughters and did not want to upset them by joining up to fight for King and Country so said ‘Goodbye see you later’ and went off to sign up !! He was lucky to survive to return at the end of the war !! We only read a few pages but will return to them at some point.

Cowes week had a Nautical Quiz and an Aircraft Crossword started off the Air Show weekend.

A lovely visit from Russell and Shafagh who led the Tai Chi session. Both John and I joined in (I have always wanted to try this !) and a very soothing time was enjoyed by all. We also enjoyed the CD from the Edinburgh Tattoo of 2005 which John and I attended.

We had a good old chat about our favourite food memories….jellied eels, shrimps and prawns were a firm favourite, pork crackling, best end neck of lamb with new potatoes, shelled peas, mint sauce followed by lemon meringue pie. One lady’s grandparents had a farm in Devon and made Junket…do you remember that ? A Mr Fielding owned a shop called ‘Tripe and Onions’ in Bakeup…did any of you like tripe and onions…my grandad loved it but I could not even look at it !!

Enjoy the lovely September weather and see you next time