Christmas Preparations!

We do like our residents to get involved in our Christmas preparations and what a week we have had! At our monthly residents meeting we discussed the events planned and events that the residents would like us to plan for December – these will soon be published to allow friends and families to join us as well.

Our lovely volunteer Marmalade and Emma took a few of our residents out Christmas decoration shopping at a local garden centre (above) – so lovely to see our residents get involved and plan the decorations for their home – thank you to Marmalade for an enjoyable morning!

Our lovely Ruth who joins us every Tuesday last week set to work to make Pomanders with all of our residents – they are now drying out for us to enjoy over the festive period.

It makes me so happy to see the residents planning and working towards what they would like during the festive period and thank you to all our lovely staff and volunteers for making it so special.