October Activities Summary 2014

As ever lots on offer at Valerie Manor for those who like to get involved…..monthly Tai Chi has proved a favourite…..various entertainers have been visiting…..Curry for those who wanted it during Curry Week…..a take-a-way Chinese meal was requested by some and no sooner said than done it was on the menu. Decorations and goodies for Halloween were enjoyed. A fun time wearing various hats whilst fund raising for St. Barnabas Hospice.

We continue to exercise from our chairs on a Monday morning afterwards listening or singing along to various music and then reminiscing about days gone by or chatting about various subjects brought up by our ladies and gentlemen. One subject was superstitions…..both good and bad…never cut your nails on a Sunday…never put shoes on the table…do not walk under ladders…avoid cracks on the pavement…it is lucky if a black cat crosses your path…if you spill salt throw a little over your left shoulder and make a wish…never look at a new moon through glass…the colour green is supposed to be unlucky…(my favourite colour !!)…never put red and white flowers together (blood and bandages) and cross your fingers for luck !!! those were a few memories mentioned in our discussion.

We always like to think of Valerie Manor as a real homely place where everyone is comfortable and feels a part of the living and recreational areas. The library is one room that is used by many. We are very lucky to have many books. One gentleman who uses the library a lot came forward to offer to put all of the books in alphabetical order ! …a mammoth task…I arrived one Monday to find him surrounded by piles of books which he had removed from the shelves and put on the floor…yes…in alphabetical order !! The deed is now done…he even has an area for returned books and has offered to sort them before going back on the shelves. I think this demonstrates what I said earlier as people treating Valerie Manor as their home and taking a real interest in the environment they live in and taking time to share ideas to make life even better !

Keep warm and dry !