November Activities Summary 2014

It’s getting closer !

November is over and the big countdown is on….Zoe has been preparing the Valerie Manor Christmas for weeks….making sure that everything is in place for the big day not to forget the run up to the 25th!
I know everyone is busy preparing but she looks on her ladies and gentlemen as her extended family and will not stop until she is satisfied that every individual is made to feel very special….this cannot happen without the tremendous support of the staff.

Once again Marmalade and her family and friends are coming along to decorate Valerie Manor which always turns out to be a fun time with everyone enjoying watching it all happen and feeling very involved…thank you again for you and your family and friends time Marmalade.

Back to November….a beautiful Remembrance Service was given by Henfield Guides…Alan was dashing about lighting fireworks while we were all snug and warm inside. Skittles was a favourite once again as were the wonderful talks given by Gemma. On Thanksgiving there were decorations, a Quiz and of course Roast Turkey ! St. Andrew’s Day found more decorations and another Quiz.

I know I talk about the staff a lot but again another lovely little story… evening I returned late to sort the flowers. Supper was over and staff were busy helping everyone. One lovely lady was a bit sad and did not want to be on her own. Up pops one of the laundry girls who was waiting for the washing machine to finish (it had broken down earlier in the day and she returned to catch up !) and offered to sit with the lovely lady so that she was not on her own. Again this was where staff go that extra mile…she is not a Carer and could have quite easily have popped off to have a cup of tea but no she gave her time to the lady instead… lovely and special !

Hopefully see you at the Valerie Manor Christmas Family day.



  1. We spent a wonderful Christmas and 93rd birthday with Marjorie on Boxing Day at Valerie Manor. Every attention was paid to the detail and the visitors were made to feel every bit as special as the residents. I am constantly amazed by the cheerfulness, patience , love and care shown by your wonderful staff, it is always a pleasure to come and visit and also to know that your loved one is being so well cared for. I am looking forward to visiting once more when I have shaken off the nasty flu virus I have had since New Year! Thank you to all who made is such a special time for us, Viv Sparkes