December Activities Summary 2014

PHEW….we are leaving December and the whirlwind of enjoyment and happy faces that we saw over the month !

For those of you who joined us for so very many events over the month will join me I am sure to thank Zoe and Alan and the marvellous team for such very hard work organising and putting into practice so very many things to make sure everyone enjoyed a good time with our Valerie Manor ‘family’

Again many volunteers…. Carols from The Towers Convent girls, our lovely entertainers from Let’s Dance (right) aged from 3 years to 78 !! ….Dear Marmalade and her team did wonders with the decorations. Not a dry eye in the place when Reverend Challis (below) brought some of his congregation and his whole lovely family for yet another Carol Service just before the ‘big day’ As his littlest addition to his family clung to his legs he let it be known that she was in a lovely dress in Valerie Manor colours !!…an elder son led us all with a rendition of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer which was lovely….the Valerie Manor family forever growing !

We were also very honoured this year to get tickets for Lancing College Carol Service which was a truly special evening, another special day was with our friends and families of Valerie Manor enjoying mulled wine and mince pies with us – how lucky we all are.

On Christmas Day John, myself, Sally-Ann (Zoe’s little sister for those who do not know) her husband Mike and their lovely boys Reuben and Eddie not forgetting Zoe’s Robin all joined everyone for Christmas Lunch….Zoe and Alan helped serve and the wonderful staff worked so very hard to make sure everyone was happy….the meal was AMAZING….and Chef Chris and side kick Martin not forgetting the hospitality boys and girls did a grand job. Thirty six meals were served on the day…..I got out of cooking lunch this year! I Had a lovely evening with the family afterwards at our home. It was lovely seeing Father Christmas ringing his bell and handing out pressies before lunch….the visiting children were enthralled !

We continued our exercise sessions throughout December…one Monday I received a call from Sally-Ann saying that the Nursery was closed and she would have to bring Eddie to Valerie Manor. Reuben was due to come as he was off of school but really enjoys the office atmosphere with Alan and Sally-Ann…I went early to help with Eddie and he was a legend !…he was handing balls to a lovely lady and sitting on my lap whilst we played the Aromatherapy music…much to everyone’s delight…when I put Max Bygraves on for the sing-a-long he was bopping about and clapping his hands with everyone (the old ones are the best !) Again we like to see the family participation….Auntie Zoe loves her boys to get involved ! the smiles get wider and wider which is great.

Reminiscence wise we talked about our memory of favourite gifts as a child….a metal toy fire engine with bell, a Toy Book Annual where you painted a page with water and it turned into colours (I remember those !), a pillow case was tied between two chairs for Santa to fill…a tin money box was received by collecting vouchers from a Cereal Box…does anybody remember the Robertson Golly Badges some residents received them for Christmas…as ever the lovely staff join in as they are running through the Conservatory….Scalextrix, Mecchano, Furby…the Carer loved it but it frightened her ! and a digital pet was mentioned but I don’t know it’s name !

When talking to one lady she said that on Christmas Day after lunch she sits in her room and listens to a Carol Service on the Radio…I think from Kings College…and she knows that her beloved cousins who are located throughout the country do the same and they all have their ‘moment’ together although they are all miles apart….how lovely.

That is it…John and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Healthy New year and to Zoe and her wonderful team to keep up the good work !

Robin x