January Activities Summary 2015

Hello again…as I am writing this snow flakes are falling…not settling but quite exciting none the less!
January a little bit quieter after the December festivities but still busy. Luckily everyone keeping nice and cosy in Valerie Manor.

The highlight must have been the 7 Year Anniversary of Zoe being at Valerie Manor. A lovely afternoon with a beautiful cake made by Chris which was shared by Residents families and staff along with a glass of sparkly to wash it down!

John and I would like to take this opportunity to say how very proud we are of what Zoe and her Robin have achieved from the birth of the Business Plan… which was put together mainly because John’s father and my mother were both in homes that we were not really happy with and one day we said… ’couldn’t you do better’ having had years of experience in both Nursing and Management not forgetting working shifts at various Nursing Homes in Sussex at weekends to earn some pocket money! I still remember her first experience of bereavement. I was teaching and she ran into the hall in floods of tears. Always very caring she was with all of her grandparents when they passed. Valerie Manor was for sale and fitted the bill and here we are today seven years on with a beautiful Residential and Nursing Home with lovely staff and hopefully happy residents. I am only sad that my dear mother and John’s father could not have benefited…..but I am sure they are looking down with a smile on their faces!

On Elvis’s Birthday we listened to some of his music..there were Rock and Roll Decorations and a Quiz.

We continue our Exercising as well as the monthly Thai Chi visit…..The Beverley Sisters, Music from the Musicals, Dean Martin and Max Bygraves were listened to.

We had a chat about sport being played in our early years…Snooker, Indoor Bowls, Tennis, Football, Hockey, Squash, Basket Ball, Rounders and Badminton were all enjoyed. One gentleman having been a Tennis Coach and another lady having taught sport at school.

Keep warm!