Registered Nurses Meeting & Welcome to Michele Stubbs!

I was delighted when one of our nurses suggested getting together one evening to meet and talk about their roles and responsibilities within the home and how we can always explore ways of improving what we do. We organised a few nibbles and drinks following our 7 year anniversary and I was delighted that the majority of our trained nurses enjoyed the evening together – we really do have a team to be very proud of!

It was also an opportunity to welcome Michele to the team:

Many of you may already know our lovely nurse trainer Michele Stubbs who has supported us since my time here at Valerie Manor in meeting all of our training needs along with her husband Nick. Due to the ever increasing paperwork and supervision requirements we felt that there was a role for Michele here to join the team on a regular basis to support the management team. The role is going to evolve over the coming weeks and months but initially her focus is going to be on staff clinical supervision, Deprivation of Liberty (DoL’s) and clinical policy and procedure writing.

I am extremely excited that Michele (pictured above in the back row, third from right), who has had several years of experience as a registered nurse and trainer is going to join the team and bring a wealth of knowledge and support to us here at Valerie Manor.