Valerie Manor Day Care

Valerie Manor Day Care has been going for a few months now and has proved to be a big success not only benefiting our Day Care residents but our permanent residents as well. We thought it would be nice to tell you a bit about Ruth and Theresa who co-ordinate the Day Care on a Tuesday and Thursday:

Ruth Saunders
I have been at Valerie Manor since August & work here every Tuesday as an activity coordinator. The rest of the week I work in a community Hospital in occupational therapy and previously worked as a nurse for many years. If I’m not working I’m out running, swimming, cycling or spending time with my family & dog called Dug. Tuesdays have been varied and can be anything residents want them to be. In the past months our activities have ranged from reading our favourite poetry both in a group or one to one, to quizzes, arts and crafts & walks in the garden to smell the scents and admire the wildlife. We have visited the local Primary school for a Harvest festival & Christmas Play. We have played cards, made cards, bird feeders, candle holders. Decorated sweet jars and plates, and one of my favourites, designing our own cotton shopping bags (both practical & enjoyable). No matter what ability it can be both fun and relaxing to take part and I’m always impressed with residents talents & open to new ideas & suggestions.

Theresa Chinnock
Hi, I’m Theresa and run the Day Care activities on a Thursday. I come in and gather everyone together and ask what they would like to do. I like to spend 1-1 and quality time with everyone who needs some encouragement and emotional support in coming out to activities or anyone who is feeling lonely. We do everything from Bingo, Quizzes, knitting, painting and even getting staff to dance to their favourite tunes (which is very entertaining). I am also available to do manicures and hand massages and relaxation sessions. I organise lunch in our historic lounge which features a 16th Century fireplace which really makes it cosy and a warming place to carry out activities. In Spring, Summer we have picnics and trips around local areas including museums, Jack and Jill Windmills which is a favourite and a trip to the seaside for a good old fashioned ice cream. I’m very passionate about caring and can adapt to individual needs and look forward to entertaining.

If you would like to find out more about Day Care at Valerie Manor, or to book a session, please contact Zoe or Alan on 01903 812 105 or email