June Activities Summary

Flaming June…the saying is right !

I hope you were able to enjoy some of the sunshine we have had recently. Our ladies and gentlemen certainly have been enjoying sitting in the garden or having lunch outside, chatting, watching the birds and the world go by….not to forget the regular offering of lollies and ice creams to cool everybody down.

Although there is still lots on offer, at this time of year it is lovely just to enjoy the surroundings of Valerie Manor…I hope the roofing work has not been a problem…at least Zoe can look forward to a non-leaking bedroom and Library this Autumn !

Tai Chi, Flower Arranging, Reflexology have been a few things on our ‘menu’ this month. After our Exercise from our Chairs we have been enjoying music from the 50’s/ 60’s and 70’s. Ladies and gentlemen singing along…staff also as well as ‘tripping the light fantastic’ to certain tunes which really put smiles on everyone’s faces !

We had a discussion about the Tennis and Wimbledon as the coverage is being watched by many…..quite a few Residents attended over the years…one lady remembering driving in a Rover car with a friend and parking in a Church Car Park near to the grounds. Another taking Business Associates as a PR exercise with her husband. Another lady attended in the evening with her school to watch a Ladies Match…she remembered seeing Dorothy Round playing. A few people travelled by train to the Courts. Many had a glass of bubbly but complained that there were only 6 strawberries in a plastic container !

That is all for now…enjoy the sunshine…the family are off on holiday so I will not be around for our Exercise Sessions for 2 weeks as we go and return on a Monday…I think everyone will enjoy the peace and quiet !!