Neighbourhood Plan – Valerie Manor

Contrary to what has been published in the local Upper Beeding Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan, Valerie Manor will NOT be adding an additional 20 beds to Valerie Manor and we apologise for any confusion. Zoë was initially asked if there were enough care facilities in the local area, which clearly there are not, and if she would consider developing the land adjacent to Valerie Manor, at the far end of the car park, for further care services which might include specialist dementia care. Zoë indicated that she may consider this for the future. When the proof for the publication was sent to her however, Zoë asked for it to be amended to ‘provision of some form of Care facility on the land next to Valerie Manor’. Unfortunately this change wasn’t made prior to publishing and has resulted in a lot of telephone calls from local people as well as residents’ families concerned that Valerie Manor would become a larger Care Home and not be able to maintain the high standard of care that we currently provide.

I am pleased to say that the document has now been amended and the link below takes you to the corrected document online which now states ‘Land adjacent to Valerie Manor Henfield Rd’;

I apologise if the original publication sent out locally caused any concerns.