Learning my Knots!

When I turned 40 this year I decided I wanted to learn how to sail. I have grown up with my family having sailing holidays and have some special memories of this and wanted to now learn how to sail myself!

I have booked into a day Skippers Course at Sussex Yacht Club where my family and I are now a member but one of the first things that I thought I needed to learn were my knots! One of my lovely residents here at Valerie Manor (Jim) used to sail and has told me that it becomes a lifestyle and was so excited for me now taking this hobby forward. Jim immediately offered to teach me my knots and anything else that he could help with – I have already learnt my phonetic alphabet and he will be giving me scenarios when I undertake my radio course!

You will see from the photos, my first session was enjoyed with Jim out in the gardens with a glass of sherry – It brought back lots of memories for Jim and has made me so determined and excited about my new hobby!

Thank you Jim for being part of my new venture.