September Activities Summary 2015

As I am writing the sun is shining on the beautiful Autumn leaves…it is chilly in the evenings but I do think we have had our share of sunshine this September !
We have all noticed that there has been an abundance of Butterflies and Moths this year which has been lovely.

Something has caught my eye at Valerie Manor during my visits…one of our visitors always seems to come armed with a photo album to share with her parent. Seems such a simple idea and I know that many of our ladies and gentlemen share their treasured photographs with our Carers which helps with their memory but it is really only their relatives that can share names and places from earlier years. I was amazed that by prompting knowledge in the right direction that memories and smiles came flooding back…so lovely to use some visiting time in this way.

Lots going on again during September which is covered in separate articles….do have a look. Mexican Independence Day saw Decorations, Mexican Music and for those that chose it enjoyed a lovely Chilli. On Saturday 19th September the Oktoberfest celebration week started. We decorated Valerie Manor and after our Exercise listened to ‘Music From Germany’ whilst sampling some lovely German Meat Selection washed down with a little German Beer ! We had such fun…our lovely Nurse Catherine brought in some authentic German Cow Bells which belonged to her and her sister. Catherine also gave us some German words to practice.
Once again staff went that extra mile to add to the occasion.
I can hear you asking…’why is Oktoberfest in September?’ I thought that too but it was changed because the weather is supposed to be better !

Another morning after Exercise I was excited to bring along a CD…20’s and 30’s at The Hackney Empire !!! Guess what…our lovely ladies and gentlemen requested something a little more modern ‘perhaps something your children would enjoy Robin ‘ !!! eeekkk…with running Let’s Dance for 28 years my music collection is vast so once again with lovely Catherine bringing lots of her ‘up to date’ CD’s their requests have been granted ! Oh how I crave to share my Max Bygraves, Fred Astaire not forgetting The Andrews Sisters.

Clare the Gardener caught me one Monday morning and gave me a Garden Catalogue full of bulbs and seeds suggesting we have a chat on which flowers our Residents would like in the flower beds. We had a good discussion with Residents and staff and gave Clare the list which individuals chose….again a couple of the staff contributed who loved gardening and gave lots of advice and ideas. Thank you ladies.

Enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours and the rest of the sunshine while it lasts.