Roof Completion and Time Capsule!

Now that all the scaffold has come down and the roof is finally finished (and what a great job the roofers did!) we have placed the time capsule in the roof for future discovery!! – Who would have thought that by having the roof repaired it would have generated as much interested as it did? By putting together a time capsule we hope to be able to provide whoever finds it an idea of what Valerie Manor is about.

The time capsule was put together by all of the residents back in September and here is what everyone wanted to say and include!

22nd September 2015
Time Capsule Summary

Well, it is the 22nd September 2015 whilst I am writing this summary and I am delighted if you have found our special time capsules and very much hope you enjoy exploring the things that we have included.

At the time of writing Valerie Manor is a 23 bedded nursing and residential home for older people and I have owned it since the 28th January 2008. Hopefully our website will still be live although something else may have taken over the internet by the time you have found the boxes!

This year we had to have our roof refurbished which is Horsham Stone and the craftsmen found an old cane and horse’s stirrup in the roof space. This gave our residents the idea of developing a time capsule to place in the roof prior to the work completing which we thought was such a special idea.

Depending on how many years have gone by since writing this you may be able to find some of my family (Nephews) and their names are included on the family tree – Jasper Eddie Bates, Reuben John Paul Hayes and Eddie Thornton Hayes. I’m sure they will be able to tell you some stories!!

I started to work in nursing homes at the age of 13 and decided that I wanted to be Matron of a nursing home as they were known in those days (I am 40 at the time of writing!). I went on to do my nurse training, you may have heard of the Project 2000 nurses! I was one of the first to complete a diploma for this type of training and then went on to do a nursing degree.

Here is when my love for surgical ward nursing developed and I worked my way up from a D grade (as it was known then) to a Sister and then a Matron in a hospital! I then went on to become a manager in the NHS – I wonder if you still have an NHS now?

During this time my dear Nan and Granddad (mum’s mum and dad’s dad) had to go into nursing homes and unfortunately the care was not as we would have hoped for. When they passed away my mum and dad asked if I could do any better if they invested. I went to task writing a business plan and 6 months later had purchased Valerie Manor! What a dream come true for me caring for the older generation.

Since this time (January 2008) we have been through a bit of a journey with Valerie Manor and you will see that I have included a lot of history and memories of my time here along with some general memorabilia from recent times.

I hope you enjoy – Best wishes, Zoe Bates, Owner and Manager of Valerie Manor 22nd Sept 2015

Summary of Items Included in Time Capsule

• Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection Report 2015 – 1st nursing home in West Sussex to receive an ‘outstanding rating’
• Beeding History Book
• History of Valerie Manor
• Baby sham (a 1970’s favourite)
• Commemorative coin of the longest reigning monarch September 2015
• Tap shoes
• PPG (Patient participation group) magazine
• Zoe Bates – immediate family tree
• Photos – descriptions all on the back, these include, awards, extension being built, family etc
• Selection of Valerie Manor Blogs
• Some old coins
• Let’s Dance ‘Hassocks’ programme
• Blackberry phone
• Newspaper cuttings
• 4 week menu for the home
• Valerie Manor Brochure
• Activities menu
• Single Vinyl – Ella Fitzgerald ‘Every time we say goodbye’
• 101 children’s nursery rhymes CD
• The golden 60’s DVD
• 2013 National Trust Handbook