Research visit Dr Mary Gearey – University of Brighton

Dr Mary Gearey contacted us recently regarding research she is doing into the River Adur and the streams, ditches, ponds and brooks of the surrounding landscape. She was particularly interested in if our residents had noticed any changes in the way they view ‘water’ – for instance does it tend to rain more now than it did? or do we get more severe storms than we used to?

We asked the residents at the last residents meeting if they would like to invite her along to share there memories which resulted in her visit this week.IMG_0923-001

It was very interesting to hear everyone’s own experiences and also those that Mary told us about.

We are obviously very lucky not to be experiencing the level of flooding that has happened in other parts of the country, but residents and staff shared experiences of when their day to day lives have been affected by water.

We’d like to thank Mary for including her in the research and look forward to seeing the results.