Zoe’s 8 Year Anniversary Celebrated at our Rabbit Hole Club!

IMG_0948-001What a special day it was!

I was delighted to celebrate my 8 Year Anniversary at our 2nd Rabbit Hole Club with the residents, staff and their families. Everyone spoiled me with flowers, gifts and balloons along with the stunning cake made by Chris. Two of my Nephews Reuben and Eddie even came along with Nanna and Grandad!

We enjoyed the evening with a buffet and drinks from behind the bar served by two of our lovely relatives – how very kind it was of them to volunteer to do that after our first club! IMG_0953 IMG_0963 IMG_0971 IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0991

Please see our first blog for the Rabbit Hole Club which our residents suggested for the history behind the club!