January Activities!

Hello again

My doesn’t time fly !

January has been and gone and everyone at Valerie Manor has recovered from a very hectic December.

Our usual Activities have been on offer for those who wish to participate.

You may have heard that dear Martyn is leaving us! He is such a lovey chap looking after everybody always with a smile on his face….who is going to make me coffee on a Monday morning ? John and I would like to wish him a lovely future in his new employment but please keep in touch…(I am sure he will as he is a part of the Valerie Manor ‘family’)

After one of our Monday Exercise Sessions we had a hoot with a Pearly Kings and Queens Rhyming Slang Book…Staff and Residents joined in.One gentleman…whose lovely daughter turned up…knew most of the answers…we were most impressed !…I promised to teach everyone the Lambeth Walk moves from their chair at one of our sessions.

We had a Chat about the rooms and their Bird Names and how they came about.

Everybody…Residents, Staff and Relatives know me as Robin (spelt in the male or bird way) My name is actually Irene!

I ran 1st Hassocks Guides for ten years where they called me Robin…it was then Robin of Let’s Dance ! (Hassocks) now Robin at Valerie Manor aka Muma Bates by some members of staff !

When we had the Valerie Manor extension Residents chose their favourite bird for their room name….Zoe called the Library….’Robins Nest’ ! …how lovely !

Lovely to see so many Residents, Relatives and Staff at the Rabbit Hole Club and 8 year Celebration. John and I are very proud of what a Zoƫ and her amazing staff have and are achieving.

Robiirenen…Irene…Muma Bates !!!