Staff Mandatory Training

At Valerie Manor we take our mandatory staff training very seriously and have a comprehensive training programme in place for the whole year for our 50 staff!

Since I have been at Valerie Manor we have used our local trainers for all of our mandatory training and all sessions are taught in house as we feel that face to face practical training is more beneficial that online training.

You will see from the picture below that staff like to understand what our residents experience to allow them to have a better understanding especially if they are not able to move themselves.

Mandatory sessions that all staff have to include throughout the year include: Manual handling, safeguarding vulnerable adults, Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Fire safety every 6 month and First aid – Some Other areas of training that we feel all staff should have include training in the care of residents with dementia and end of life care.

Thank you to Nick and Michele Stubbs who provide all of our mandatory training throughout the year in such a comprehensive and fun way.