March Activities Summary!

March has been and gone with a flurry of activity at Valerie Manor !

Easter being early was quite a shock to everyone…on Easter Sunday morning the staff told me it was so lovely to see so many visitors…’even busier than Christmas !’  but as ever everyone lending a helping hand to our lovely kitchen staff to make sure all Residents and Visitors were well looked after.  The atmosphere was really lovely with everyone enjoying the morning.

The tables looked lovely with chicks, choccies, Easter Serviettes…..oh yes and daffodils !

Zoe always likes daffodils to be a part of the Easter decorations.300 daffodils adorned Valerie Manor !  Residents joined Joyce in one of her very popular Flower Arranging Sessions.

St.David’s Day saw more daffodils, decorations and a Quiz.

We had a chat about our Mothers which was prompted by Mothering Sunday….we remembered names…Rose, Maisie, Willomina, Florence, Gwendoline Maud, Lilley and Edith Lucy who was the youngest of seven children !

Music enjoyed included Dolly Parton, Glen Miller, Dean Martin and a good sing-a-long to Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera !

We also chatted about certain food we enjoyed that we do not seem to have these days…watch this space !….We remembered the ‘Winkle Man’ who used to travel on his bike on a Sunday afternoon selling Winkles and Shrimps…..prawns were a bit posh in those days !  Jellied Eels,  Eels in Liquor, Cockles and Whelks were also a memory.

I suggested we had a Cockney Theme Morning with some of the above as a nibble and I will teach everybody The Lambeth Walk from our chairs and singing along to some good old London songs !

That is all for now….enjoy the lighter evenings and hopefully some more sunshine.