April Activities!

Hello everyone

My what a blustery, cold rainy April we had…a few sunny days in between which brought out the beautiful daffodils and bluebells…I must say the garden is looking beautiful…the tulips are amazing.  Well done Clare.

Must not forget Richard who is looking after the grounds beautifully.  I think the lawn to the front by the roadside is so very smart !

We had a Queen’s Birthday Quiz one Monday after exercising,  another very successful ‘Rabbit Hole’ evening.  Lots of other Activities and Entertainment on offer…please see the separate articles.

We had a Reminiscence Session regarding pets that we owned years ago…see if any of their names ring a bell !

Dogs called Whiskey and Brandy, a cat called Tigger, a Horse called Patch…a Retriever, Dalmatian…another dog called Bruce who was black.

A cat called Hiya another called Tiddles who was grey and white a cross Siamese called…wait for it…Chula Prince !!

At one point we were in fits of laughter when a lovely gentleman said he had owned a dog….when I asked him what breed the dog was he said it was a ‘Bitsa’…we had never heard of that breed until he said…it was a Bitsa this and a Bitsa that….aka a MONGREL !!!

Lovely memories for everyone…and hopefully you as well.

See you next time