Valerie Manor Street Party – Queens 90th Birthday

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon this weekend as we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

Although the weather didn’t allow us to hold the BBQ outside it stayed dry and so we were able to throw open the conservatory doors to allow our residents and guests to ‘mingle’

Noosh & Preeda put on a wonderful spread assisted by Lewis – The food just kept on coming!!!! Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere as we raised our glasses of Prosecco & Pimms  to Her Majesty.

It was truly a very special afternoon, especially when Land of Hope & Glory was played everyone sang at the tops of their voices and waved their flags (it reminded me of the Last night of the Proms!) this led onto rousing renditions of God save the Queen and other old time favorites – many of which were repeated by request!

Although we weren’t able to enjoy the BBQ outside everyone agreed it was a very fitting celebration and one that we will all remember for a long time.

Our thanks as always to the staff on duty (and those that came along off shift) for making it such a very special time.

Finally, one family member said to us that looking around the conservatory when everyone was singing Land of Hope and Glory, that you really wouldn’t believe you were at a Care Home – which I think   says everything about Valerie Manor which involves the residents, their family and friends the Kitchen Staffstaff and our friends in the Community.


Well done everyone!