Steyning Grammar School Work Experience

IMG_1986 IMG_2002 IMG_1978We were delighted once again this year to welcome two students from Steyning Grammar School for a weeks work experience.

Milly and Maisy have both been such a pleasure to have here at Valerie Manor and we will miss them once they are gone. We have been so pleased with the way in which they have communicated and interacted with the residents and the staff during the week and congratulations to them both for passing their 3 year First Aid Certificate during their time with us. They have also enjoyed being part of our Hydration project, activities and undertaking life stories with our residents.

We would like to wish them both all the best for their future.

Here is a little bit about Milly and Maisy:

‘I’m Milly Robinson and I am a year 12 student at Steyning Grammar School. I was really pleased to be able to attend Valerie Manor to gain an insight to people of different walks of life as well as develop skills to apply to University and employment. In the career I wish to go into I need to be able to communicate and understand people which I now feel more comfortable doing.’

‘I’m Maisy O’Neill and I’m in year 12 at Steyning Grammar School. I wanted to attend Valerie Manor because I am hoping to become an Occupational Therapist. As this career needs the skills to be able to care and communicate with all types of people I feel that this experience has really helped me move forward. Thank you for this opportunity.’